Former teacher can attest to need for levies

To the editor:

As a longtime Oberlin resident, I truly urge our community to pass the Oberlin school district’s renewal levies on March 15.

Issue 25 is an operational levy first passed in 2011 (programing, arts, staffing, no pay-to-play, supplies, busing) and Issue 26 is a permanent improvement levy first passed in 1976 (building maintenance/repairs such as roofs, sidewalks, electrical, HVAC). Combined they generate approximately $1.3 million in revenue to the district. Without passage, the district will lose over 10 percent of its operating budget. There are no new taxes associated with these renewals.

As parents of four children who attended the Oberlin Schools, we have always supported the schools, not only for our children, but for all the children of Oberlin. Steve was a member of the Oberlin school board for eight years and can attest to the critical need for these levies to pass. As a teacher in the district for over 18 years, I know how we struggle to make economically strong choices to give our students the best possible education here in Oberlin while battling buckets to catch the leaks in the roof, ice build-up inside the windows, and financial constraints with materials for classrooms.

Again, I ask you to sustain our Oberlin City Schools by voting yes on issues 25 and 26.

Kim Koos