Rothgery exemplifies qualities of a judge

To the editor:

It was Charles Evans Hughes who said, “The judiciary is the safeguard of our liberty and our property under the Constitution.”

The role of judge in our government is essential to a civilized society. It is a position of respect, and its inhabitants can ensure that all citizens are treated fairly under the law. We expect our judges to be possessed of traits such as intelligence, experience, selflessness, to be hardworking, impartial, fair-minded, and most of all people of integrity.

In more than 30 years working in the Lorain County court system, I have had the occasion to work with all manner of judges.

In the upcoming election, voters must choose between judge Christopher Rothgery and James Burge. In my humble opinion, judge Rothgery possesses all of the above-mentioned qualities. He has proven this in his time as a practicing lawyer, together with his 11 years on the bench.

His opponent, James Burge, has distinguished himself as being the first and only judge in Lorain County history convicted of crimes committed while serving as a judge. The other aspects of his time on the bench have been a source of much media attention and won’t be recounted here. The damage this has caused to the integrity of the Lorain County justice system is apparent and immeasurable.

Please join me in voting to retain judge Christopher Rothgery.

Kenneth M. Lieux