Be sure to embrace minority prospective students

To the editor:

Oberlin College will host this weekend many outstanding black and other minority high school students who have already been admitted but who may not have yet made up their minds to attend Oberlin.

Surely, they applied because Oberlin is one of America’s finest colleges in general. Many had to have been impressed with the college’s incredibly rich history of being one of the first institutions to admit women and blacks and today boasts a record of social, political, and ecological interests matched by very few other schools.

Still, on this perhaps their first visit and hereafter, they may see moments of contradictions, disagreements, and upheavals because however much the college towers over most others, Oberlin College, like America, is far from being a perfect place. Rather, its DNA is that of having the will to pursue perfection while finding empowerment in being second to none.

We must welcome these students into this occasional maelstrom where debates rage on about racism, anti-Semitism, or bigotry, expecting them to infuse the environment with their optimism, energy, intellect, athleticism, and musicianship, ensuring that we will remain second to none, perhaps by a larger margin, though so imperfect. Celebrate this day.

Booker C. Peek