Tracking OHS grads across the country

<strong>Talk of the Town</strong> Claudine Carlton

Talk of the Town Claudine Carlton

Let’s update ourselves about some Oberlin High School graduates.

Here is news of the Young brothers: Ted has a software company in Boston. Steve is a fourth grade teacher in Corona, Calif. Randy is an investment adviser in San Francisco.

Patty Young has written a book of religious poetry, “A Mirror into My Heart.” She is employed at our local IGA.

Lisa Walsh has retired as a project manager for Ohio and is now enjoying traveling with her husband. Recently they went to the Amazon.

Having retired from the University of Cincinnati and moved to Salt Lake City, Frank Weinstock is now working on combining music and computers.

Margy Pierce is on sabbatical for spring semester from Stonehill College, where she teaches education courses. She is working on the role of executive function in the brain on dyslexia and dysnumeracy. The former is trouble with words; the latter, trouble with numbers.

Richard Nord is a local rep of the Nord Family Foundation. It is giving new robes to the OHS choir this spring.

Ivan Harrell II is now president of Tacoma Community College in Washington state.

Taiya George and Sarah Burbridge graduated from Oberlin College last May.

Alice Gates, who teaches sociology at the University of Portland in Oregon, recently took some of her students to Washington, D.C., to lobby. Their concerns were for more gun control and for young people who have been brought to this country by their parents. The latter now want U.S. citizenship.

Brian Carlton is now a staff electrical engineer for Fitbit in San Diego. Silvija Aschaffenburg Koschnick is buying the local Bead Paradise and is managing it. She is continuing to make jewelry. Her mother Ruth has kept the Internet business.

OHS grads, do let me have your news:

Talk of the Town Claudine Carlton of the Town Claudine Carlton