Say no to a NEXUS buy-out

To the editor:

Oberlin and other nearby cities who have been fighting against NEXUS, many forming a city “Bill of Rights” in order to protect citizens, are now going through the same thing – an attempted buy-out. We must stand together against a trampling of our rights.

NEXUS does not have the right to declare eminent domain. The fracked gas in this 36-inch high pressure pipeline, which would lie dangerously close to a natural gas pipeline used by our utilities and a jet fuel pipeline, will be transported and eventually (through loopholes) exported for the gainful use of manufacturing, mainly plastics and mainly in China — not for the need of the citizens of this nation.

We need to continue to fight this in court. Have NEXUS prove this is for the benefit of the people of the USA. One city may not hold up, but multiple cities might stand a chance. We have rights… willingly give them up and they are lost forever.

Lisa Kavanaugh