Adelman has the right idea

To the editor:

Your article on the NEXUS settlement and city council’s responses (NEXUS demands a settlement, Feb. 15) was well presented. I was especially impressed with what Heather Adelman said at council’s Feb. 5 meeting. Your quote for her encapsulated Adelman’s position: “Negotiating a settlement to me means that I would be violating our own law.” Without hesitation, she said her vote was no. When the motion was voted, Linda Slocum joined Adelman.

As a new council member, Adelman exhibited a remarkable clarity on what past councils had disagreed on, but eventually decided was the “right” thing to do: eliminate fossil fuels as the energy source for all activities within the city.

I came to Oberlin in 2008 to join the effort to do exactly that. The progress has been slow, recognizing that in 1965 President Lyndon Johnson alerted the nation to the fact that carbon dioxide concentrations were going up fast, making climate instability likely. In 1988, James Hanson, a leading climate science expert, testified to Congress that climate change was here.

All council members tout that Oberlin has often been on the right side of history by being ahead of its time. I encourage all council members to join Adelman and Slocum to unanimously reject the NEXUS settlement.

Carl McDaniel