No sympathy for city in NEXUS fight

To the editor:

I feel truly sorry for all the citizens of Oberlin that have opposed NEXUS for four years! NEXUS is a bully! To the city officials , I say boo-hoo. Seems as though they can dish it out, but they can’t take it! Now they know how I feel after 10 years of being bullied by the city!

The city has been my NEXUS! The city has been my bully! Consider the Ramsey right-of-way. A simple problem should have been solved with a simple solution: Replace the tile at wetland A (that we all know was there), to let water flow from west to east. There was no problem before the city put in their power distribution line in 2008. They replaced two other tiles, why did they refuse to replace this one? My buyout, (offered by the city) was an armor flex mat, which was much more expensive, has never functioned as designed, and which we all knew wouldn’t solve the real problem in the first place!

Will the $100,000.00 buyout from NEXUS solve the problem? I don’t think so! Maybe the city could convince NEXUS to put the pipe 40 feet under ground in the area by Reserve Avenue. This would lessen the impact of an explosion if one were to occur!

John Whitman