He came to support Gibson’s

To the editor:

My grandfather ran a family bakery (The Cake Shop) for 40 years on Main Street in Bradford, Pa. I still remember helping him make donuts and watching him make cakes from time to time. He continued to make fabulous baked goods for friends and family to enjoy from his home well into retirement.

So when I began reading about all the recent treachery against Gibson’s Bakery by Oberlin College and their feckless hoodlums, it struck a chord. I ordered some candy from Gibson’s at www.gibsonsbakeryandcandy.com to help support their business. (It was delicious too!) Then I decided to visit in person when I realized Oberlin was only eight miles out of my way during a recent trip to visit my dad in southeast Michigan from my home here in northwest Pennsylvania.

I am really glad I dropped down State Route 58 to visit Gibson’s. I liked browsing the store, and have greatly enjoyed the dark rye bread, sea salt sprinkled dark chocolate caramels, sea salt sprinkled dark chocolate pistachios, and other fresh-made goods I purchased. I also picked up a number of routine grocery items for good measure (including a copy of the News-Tribune), just to do my part to give Gibson’s a little extra business.

I found the little store nestled into the row of businesses on College Street to be impressive – clean, well-organized, with good prices. And the service was attentive and friendly. It was fun to visit such an historic family-owned business that has actually been around since 1885! I would love to come back again sometime.

What a gem Gibson’s is for the Oberlin community. I wish them every success with all of their ongoing endeavors, including with their lawsuit against Oberlin College. I can only imagine if some hostile entity like Oberlin had brazenly attempted to harm because of some asinine PC snowflake agenda/ideology my grandfather’s business when he was working diligently, getting up at 4 a.m. every morning to provide high-quality baked goods for the people of Bradford. The thought boils my blood.

Newkirk L. Johnson