Ambassadors keep Oberlin beautiful

To the editor:

Thank you, Keep Oberlin Beautiful Ambassadors! Have you noticed how beautiful the concrete flower beds are downtown? They didn’t become beautiful by magic… they got there by the hard work and the vision of individuals, businesses, and families! There were many people working in their adopted flower beds on Saturday, May 19, Pride Day. The beds have been adopted by Keep Oberlin Beautiful Ambassadors and they have taken great pride in weeding, planting, and mulching the beds.

Take a look at our Facebook page: to see pictures featuring the ambassadors and also the beautiful flower pots that have been placed downtown by Oberlin Business Partnership – thanks to the creative planting by Locke’s Go Green Garden Center.

The moral of this story: If you want something done, ask people to participate – if they have a passion for the task or the outcome of their involvement, they will be awesome! The ambassadors are awesome. In the near future, we will have signs in the planters identifying the “adopters.” When you see them around town, be sure to thank them. Bert Latran Jr. was the impetus for getting this project started — high five him next time you see him.

Janet Haar

Oberlin Business Partnership