Ambassadors’ work paid off

To the editor:

What a success regarding the overwhelming improvement of the downtown’s appearance during this year’s Pride Day activities. And what did it take to accomplish this amazing feat? Well, I’ll tell you. Her name is Janet Haar from the Oberlin Business Partnership. I initially showed her the problem and she came up with a catchy phrase program called the “Keep Oberlin Beautiful Ambassadors” and between she and I we recruited volunteers to adopt all of the 16 landscape islands, most of which were in dire need of routine maintenance, i.e. beautification.

As most people have noticed by now, the islands have been transformed to works of art — no two alike. My hat’s off to all of the ambassadors who helped to pull this off. And what a joy it was to watch them work. A big thank you to all. We did it. And I predict there will be more. Stay tuned. We’re not done.

Bert Latran Jr.

KOB Ambassador