NEXUS and the city

To the editor:

In my opinion, once it was decided NEXUS had prevailed, the city should have been elated with the $100,000 offer from NEXUS for the amount of property involved in the right of way! For the city, this was all profit! The city paid $0.625 cents per acre for this property! NEXUS only required one-28th of an acre for the project! That amount of property involved cost the city two cents and the city still owns the property! I can only see greed as a rejection of this offer! The city has lost the battle but they certainly can win the war!

So now I ask, what will be done with this profit? What will the city do with this money? I think I know the answer, do you? If you think I am wrong, please set me straight! Contact one of the city officials who can surely answer any of your questions.

John Whitman