Thank you to Juneteenth contributors

To the editor:

A big thank you to all who made the Juneteenth community cookout and picnic a grand success!

I am so grateful to the volunteers, the cooks, and the staff of Oberlin Community Services for all their hard work, and to all the community members who joined us on Tappan Square to enjoy great food and lively conversation.

Juneteenth, which recognizes our nation’s history of slavery and the African influences that enrich our culture, is a natural time to come together as a community, to acknowledge where we have made progress and where we have not, or simply to extend friendship across racial barriers. I am pleased that the cookout offered these opportunities.

I extend special thanks, in addition, to the Bill Long Foundation for the generous grant which made it all possible, to the city of Oberlin for their support, and to Krista Long, who opened Ben Franklin after hours in order to provide additional plates, napkins, and cutlery! It was a lovely evening and a beautiful event celebrating our Oberlin community.

Margie L. Flood

Executive Director

Oberlin Community Services