Power comes with responsibilities

To the editor:

We Americans aspire to be the most peace-loving of all nations and peoples. Yes, we possess the nuclear power to eliminate all of Russia and China together before they could destroy us, but there probably would not be many of us around to celebrate. Their leaders know about our superior military advantage and so does President Donald Trump.

With this awesome power, we must take all steps to ensure that no nuclear weapons are used by anyone. Among the many steps toward world peace is for us to model respect, peace, and tranquility in our daily lives, especially as to how we treat each other.

Rarely, if ever, should we say or do anything to cause others to feel physically threatened. A nation behaving in a civil manner allows for better decisions to be made on all levels. President Trump and Congress must play a better role. But even if they don’t, we must do the small stuff.

Booker C. Peek