Teacher issue handled poorly

To the editor:

The process for handling the math teacher accused of bullying has been highly flawed. Where is the consistent record keeping on the administrative side? Where is the formal reprimand from the previous superintendent that is currently “missing” from her file?

The article (News-Tribune, July 5) quotes a parent who pulled her child from the class in 2005. This isn’t a new issue. Based on the warnings I’ve received about this teacher since moving to Oberlin and the passion of the parents at this meeting, it seems surprising that there has not been a sufficient number of formal complaints to take real action, not just shuffling the teacher around.

A school board member said that parents need to use “proper channels” to file a formal complaint. If that’s the case, then what exactly is that process then? What is the statute of limitations for filing complaints? And how can parents and students be assured that their formal complaints will be properly recorded and investigated — for this and all issues at the schools?

Emily Troiano