Of power and responsibility

To the editor:

How grateful we must all be to God for inspiring our founding fathers to declare themselves independent of the British crown on July 4, 1776.

Still, we must remember that that act alone hardly freed them. The 13 colonies had to fight and die for many years before the crown decided about seven years later to accept and recognize all that had been declared in that Declaration of Independence.

Unarguably, we live in the most powerful military nation the world has ever known, one in which not even the combination of any two of the next most potent military forces could defeat us. Arguably, we live in the best nation the world has ever known. We aspire to be God’s most special angels doing his work on Earth, first to embrace within our nation itself a diversity of racial, ethnic, and religious richness unequaled in the world; and second to embrace, with no less enthusiasm, peace, prosperity, and freedom for all the world.

Still, we must remember that, as our founding fathers had to fight and die for their beliefs, we must be prepared to fight and die for ours, recognizing and honoring all the men and women who did pay the ultimate price in our wars and those today who are our first guarantors of our freedom.

The more difficult war for us to fight is the one we have simmering in our politics. And the water has gotten warmer with President Donald Trump’s pick of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as our likely newest Supreme Court justice. Regardless of what our politics may be, we are ever so close to realizing our wildest dreams if we stick together somehow or other. But we are even closer to the most unthinkable disaster if we don’t.

We must eagerly support leaders across party lines who offer us an America worthy of the principles and dreams that so animated our founding fathers.

Booker Carver Peek