Time to support schools

To the editor:

Doing nothing is not an option. The longer the Oberlin school board’s effort to build a pre-K to grade 12 campus is postponed or denied, the more money will be wasted on maintaining four separate buildings and preventing students and teachers from having up-to-date classroom environments, a school nurse and a resource officer covering one location instead of four, and many more benefits.

Why keep maintaining four kitchens and cafeterias, four libraries, four gymnasiums, four parking lots, four roofs, etc., when by consolidating we can save over $1 million a year once the full project is completed?

The longer this project is postponed, the cost to construct it will surely rise. Isn’t it better to spend the money now instead of spending more later? And doing nothing will also result in increased costs of maintaining roughly twice as much space as is needed.

Now is the time for all good people to come to aid of their public schools. Vote yes on Issue 11.

Kevin Weidenbaum