Another option for cyclists

To the editor:

As an Oberlin resident bananas about biking, I write to add a bicycle-friendly piece of information to the Sept. 20 Oberlin News-Tribune article entitled “Are you a law breaker?”

The article mentions two rules regarding the parking of bicycles downtown: “When left unattended, bicycles must be locked to one of the bike racks throughout the city,” and “Riders cannot secure their bike on a street or to any public property, including trees, light poles, sign posts, and benches.”

An additional option (as confirmed to me in conversation with a member of the Oberlin police force) is that bicyclists are allowed to park and lock their bikes downtown not only at the city bike racks, but also on the red brick edge-strips along downtown sidewalks, so long as the bike is locked as a self-standing object, rather than being secured to any public property.

May this be an encouragement to anyone inclined to to run downtown errands by bike.

Kathie Linehan