Issue 11 is a good investment

To the editor:

Paying now to pay less later is good. For example, paying to add insulation to your home so that future utility bills are less saves you money in the long run. Paying for a three-year’s subscription or membership at a discount over three annual rates is prudent.

Thus it makes sense to help our school district avoid paying more than $1 million a year to maintain four buildings with space that is about double its needs.

But beyond the simple economic argument, there are many advantages to having all grades in one complex instead of being scattered. Music, art, language teachers, IB coordinators, school counselors, and the school nurse will no longer have to travel between buildings. Teachers will have greater opportunities to interact and plan across multiple grade levels. Students will be able to take higher-level courses without leaving a building. The school resource officer will be in one location instead of trying to cover four separate ones.

Also, a modern building with the latest HVAC system will avoid having to close schools when the weather is excessively hot. It will be more efficient as well. The use of fossil fuels will be reduced.

Finally, the district’s plan will not disrupt our children’s education while the new complex is constructed as opposed to renovating an existing building, which would require moving the students into other buildings and possibly even into portable classrooms.

Build our future. Vote for Issue 11.

Kevin Weidenbaum