Education is the cornerstone

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage voters in our community to support the upcoming levy to fund the construction of new schools. The passage of this levy is critical on many levels.

Public education is a cornerstone of our democracy. As a former teacher here in Oberlin I have seen firsthand how outdated, in some cases decrepit, and woefully inadequate our existing structures are. At a time when our state and federal governments choose to fund the military, corporate welfare, and prison industrial complex at the expense of social programs like public education and universal health care, we as a community and a nation are left with a choice. Do we act in the interest of community or do we do the bidding of the elites who are hell-bent on shortchanging us and the coming generations?

By and large, children become what they see. They learn to treat others as a result of how they’ve been treated. In funding new schools, we send a message to our children that they are important. It also fosters the hope that someday they will pay forward as we have the opportunity to do so now.

To reject the levy will most likely result in significant economic consequences down the road. The result will be declining enrollment, a weakening of our local economy, and for homeowners a decline in property values.

I encourage our community members to stand together and act to insure the continued well-being of what is unequivocally our most prized assets – our children.

Craig Brandt