Time to do our part for Firelands

To the editor:

I am not only an alumna of the Firelands Schools but also an employee. I have had the privilege of being a member of this community for almost 50 years. I am proud to say that my children are third generation Falcons.

I have watched the district maintain, adapt, and adjust every path to provide the best education possible — but we are limited due to the aging infrastructure. My family, along with so many others, has been part of community focus groups who listened and studied the best possible solution for this community. There is no doubt — we cannot wait any longer. Now is the time. The children need to be educated in a safe environment. A building built 108 years ago, when the first cars were being built, does not meet the educational and safety requirements needed to educate children today.

Issue 7 in Lorain County and Issue 3 in Erie County will place the middle school students in the current high school and will build a much needed new high school on the main campus. I urge each community member to support our children. My grandparents supported the construction of the current high school. It is simply my turn to support our middle school and high school students. My grandchildren and all of the children within our district need your support.

Jennifer Butchko