No longer for everyday use

To the editor:

If you owned a car that was over 100 years old, you probably wouldn’t drive it every day. It would be a “classic” car that you would bring out only on special occasions and you would treat it very gently because you realized it was fragile. It certainly wouldn’t be your vehicle of choice for the weekly youth sports carpool or daily errand running. Although this vehicle may have a great deal of sentimental value, its inefficiency and antiquated systems would make it a poor choice for daily use.

So why is it OK to send your children to South Amherst Middle School — a building that is over 100 years old? In order to be successful in 21st century careers, our children need to attend school in buildings that are adequately equipped to meet their needs. For example, they need buildings that can accommodate hundreds of children using WiFi at the same time. Whether or not your own career involves technology, it is likely your children’s careers will. It’s time to commit to preparing our next generation for the future.

This November, please vote to ensure a successful future for the students of the Firelands school district. Please vote yes on Issue 7 in Lorain County and Issue 2 in Erie County. As someone who has taught for 15 years in this district, I believe that this is necessary and the time is now.

Audra Costello

English teacher, Firelands High School