The cost is simply too high

To the editor:

I write to urge voters to vote no on Issue 11. The website provides many, many compelling reasons to vote no on Issue 11. I will focus here on the increasingly onerous tax burden being placed on Oberlin residents in support of city schools.

Passage of Issue 11 would increase Oberlin property taxes in support of city schools to a total of 14.15 mills ($1,415 for every $100,000 of property valuation), well beyond the 10-mill limitation in the Ohio Revised Code. (As such, the wording of Issue 11 must specifically state this new tax levy would place Oberlin’s property taxes outside the 10-mill limitation.) In addition to the proposed increase to a 14.15-mill rate in property taxes, Oberlin residents also pay a two percent income tax in support of the Oberlin City Schools. As is stands — prior to this November’s polling — Oberlin residents already support the education of our children through taxes at a level well beyond the state and county averages.

Passage of Issue 11 will negatively impact our wonderful community. If passed, Issue 11 would become the fourth Oberlin property tax levy used in support of city schools. The unusually high rate at which we are taxed is making it increasingly difficult for many Oberlin families to make a go of it. I am concerned, in addition, that the character of Oberlin is changing right before our eyes.

There are alternatives to Issue 11 that achieve the results desired by the Oberlin school board in a much more fiscally responsible manner (please see the website mentioned above). Please join me in voting no on Issue 11.

James A. Walsh