A penny saved is a penny well spent

To the editor:

Whether it’s Penny, James, or Mary; rich or poor; black, white, or Hispanic; family, friend, or neighbor — all of us have or will be touched by the human devastation brought about by the opioid epidemic.

Lorain County lost 132 lives in both 2016 and 2017 to drug overdoses. Countless others have had their lives and lives of their loved ones destroyed by drugs. Those are the human costs. What are the economic costs?

A recent study revealed the total economic burden of the opioid epidemic in Lorain County is $200 million a year. That’s equivalent to a loss of almost $650 a year for every man, woman, and child in our county. It comes in the form of lost wages, crime, first responders, law enforcement, the judicial system, child protective services — the list goes on.

Our choice is simple. Let the human and economic devastation continue or make a commitment to reduce both. For each $100,000 value in your home, it will cost less than three pennies a day to help save our community and our pocketbooks.

Issue 14 helps by creating treatment facilities necessary for the successful recovery of people with addiction. This means fewer deaths, less suffering, less crime, and less overall spending.

It’s time to be penny wise. Please vote yes on Issue 14. Thank you in advance for your caring support. By working together, we an save both lives and money.

Donald Sheldon, MD