SAMS not up to snuff

To the editor:

I am a recent graduate of Firelands High School and currently a full-time college student studying in zoology with a graduation date set for Spring 2020.

I have witnessed firsthand and so have my friends how difficult and distracting it is to try to learn at South Amherst Middle School. The building is ancient; it’s just not suitable for modern-day learning. The water quality isn’t safe, the building leaks, and everything is completely out of date in regard to technology and safety.

Firelands has some of the best teachers I have had — they have really helped prepare me for my classes in college. Supporting the levy on Nov. 6 will positively impact our teachers and help provide them with a safe space to teach in and provide the technology they need in the classroom.

Firelands should be preparing students for what they will see and experience in college. Our buildings do not.

I encourage my fellow Firelands alumni, my parents, family, and neighbors to vote yes for Firelands in November.

Brandon Ramsey