Property tax is reasonable by comparison

To the editor:

In response to a recent letter to the editor about the total school property tax burden and encouraging voters to support Issue 11. The site provides details about why supporting your elected board’s vision for the district makes the most sense.

The property tax rate for the Oberlin City Schools is practically the lowest in the county despite our commitment to invest in arts and rejection of pay-to-play funding. Wellington’s rate is 28.39 mills; Oberlin’s is 0.02 higher at 28.41. For comparison, Amherst’s is 37.34, Avon Lake’s is 41.49, Elyria’s is 44.19, and Sheffield-Sheffield Lake’s is 45.43. Not only do we fare better than most of the county, for tax year 2017, the state average property millage is 31.54.

In addition, our property tax rates are lower than they were 25 years ago. In terms of 2018 dollars, the annual school property tax rate is about half of what it was then when the rate was roughly $1,600 for a property worth $100,000. Now it is roughly $800. (At that time, the income tax was one percent.)

In regard to the comment about passing Issue 11 putting us “well beyond the 10-mill limitation,” that limitation refers to inside millage and is on the ballot. The ballot language appears as approved by the county auditor.

Finally, all of our current buildings were paid off many years ago. My family benefited from the investment of prior generations in the current buildings constructed to meet their needs. Even though my children will be graduates by the time the new facility opens, it is time to realign our resources and invest in generations to come by voting yes on Issue 11.

Anne Schaum, President

Oberlin Board of Education