We can stop this brewing hatred

To the editor:

We can stop the hate. A year ago, nine African-Americans were killed in their church. And now it’s 49 people who were killed in a nightclub popular in the LGBTQ community. And these are only two of the terror attacks and hate crimes that our nation has experienced in the last year. In this country we have political leaders who are, with the support of some religious leaders, creating a toxic stew of racism, homophobia, sexism, religious intolerance, threats of violence, division, separation, exclusion, and guns that is helping poison our society.

We can choose the path of intolerance and hate, and hope that will keep us safe. But there are other choices. One is a choice Jesus offers. It’s a path of reconciliation, love, openness, and respect that builds bridges rather than walls. Every time we cross that bridge, we challenge the way of hate.

The Rev. Steve Hammond