Drowning trees still need help

To the editor:

At the urging of Bert Latran (a local arborist), I attended the Oberlin Lorax meeting June 16 at the Oberlin Public Library. Six people were in attendance, of which I knew three. All were concerned about the trees in and around Oberlin. The topic quickly turned to the trees standing and dying in the three feet of water known as Wetland A by the Ramsey right-of-way. All city officials know of this problem, but little has been done about it!

In November of 2015, the city made an expensive effort to try to remedy some of the problems there but only reduced the water level by six inches. Still standing in two and a half feet of water, the trees are continuing to die! Under present conditions, the only salvation for these trees would be if we have a three-month drought so Mother Nature can remove some of this water and let the trees breathe. Sadly, the water will return and the trees will continue to die! We need a better drainage system there! The city would have you believe it did all it could do but I know that isn’t true, it did all it wanted to do! I speak for these trees. Other residents have concerns about the erratic trimming and maintenance of trees in their neighborhood.

John Whitman