REC donations should be personal choice

To the editor:

Electric ratepayers have been overcharged to meet Oberlin’s clean energy goals. Four members of council, the heads of OMLPS, and the Oberlin PUC (by a 3-2 vote) feel that the ratepayers should receive 85 percent of the REC money back. It should be our personal choice and right to decide if we want to donate our overpayment back to the sustainable reserve fund.

I have an all-electric home and I continue to energy update my home. It is expensive! For those of us that can afford to return the overpayment, OMLPS has said they can create a fund with much more flexibility in its use than where the funds are now.

In addition, we will soon see a 15 percent increase in our electric rates and a storm water utility bill, which will further burden us.

Our council, chosen to represent us, has spoken. If this issue goes to the ballot in November college students, who are temporary residents, will be able to vote on it.

Judith Poirson