Residents should have the choice

To the editor:

The majority of our city council and the city administration support the plan to return REC dollars to residents on our future electric bills. Allowing residents the choice whether to return their credit to the city is the right thing to do.

The city administration, along with a majority of city council members, have created a simple process whereby those who would like to return their credit in order to support continuing programs and practices toward sustainability may do so.

I urge everyone to respect the work of our city council and administration by not supporting efforts to overturn our citizens’ rights to use their credits as they choose. I respectfully yet strongly disagree with some within our community circulating a petition to place the REC ordinance on the November ballot.

Individuals seeking to overturn the work of council speak openly about using the college student vote in November to keep these credits from the ratepayers. The orchestrating of a petition to move the issue to the ballot in November to keep these credits from you, the ratepayer, is to once again stimulate disharmony amongst council members and their constituents. We elected city council to represent us — elections are about choices. Please support the work of your elected officials and oppose efforts to keep these funds out of the hands of you, the electric utility customer.

Marianne Caldwell