Non-traditional bike parking needed

To the editor:

Many residents of Oberlin ride bicycles, but some of us ride non-traditional (non-standard-sized) bikes, including three-wheeled adult bikes, recumbent bikes, or bikes with special rear attachments, e.g., a stroller-wagon for children or a wide basket for transport of goods.

Specialized bikes have a wider rear wheelbase and generally are longer than standard bikes. My bike, like others, has a side (rear-view) mirror, and some of us have a tall orange-red flag for visibility and safety.

Such bikes are difficult to park downtown, and some racks do not accommodate them at all. As Oberlin, a bike-friendly community, adds parking slots for bikes and reconsiders bike regulations, I hope it will consider the needs of residents who wish to spend time downtown but need places to park non-traditional bikes conveniently, legally, and safely.

Anne V. Martin