Which slogan do you embrace?

To the editor:

Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.” Clinton’s seems to be “Make America Much Greater.”

Both presidential candidates agree that ISIS must be soundly defeated, and both agree that our police must be staunchly supported. It’s a safe bet that virtually all Americans agree with them both. And with the awesome power of our country, it cannot be surprising that many don’t understand why we can’t solve the problems.

A part of the answer lies in what each slogan means to the candidates and how each may go about fulfilling its meaning. Trump wants “law and order,” the term Nixon used in 1968 to appeal to Americans concerned about riots in the streets. Clinton wants “law and order” too, but she is likely to adopt an approach somewhat similar to Obama’s.

We voters have to decide which slogan we wish to embrace. In a word, we will be deciding on what America we want people to read about 100 years from now.

Booker C.Peek