Desire for 55-and-over housing

To the editor:

My sister Eileen and I were discussing the lack of “over 55” housing in Oberlin. We pondered the cost of Kendal and the availability of the apartments at College Park Manor. Why doesn’t Oberlin have a visible, viable and vibrant 55-and-over community? One that offers one level housing, condos or apartments. Community garden, walking trail, outdoor exercise space, seasonal pool? A place offering a community center, picnic shelter and benches for senior to live social lives?

I briefly began to do some research and found like communities “55 and over” in every state of the Union, in towns just like ours! But I did not find one in our town. What better place? Plays, concerts, art, movies, shopping — Oberlin has it all!

Except it doesn’t. It doesn’t offer this to us, to the people who would like to live, to retire, to die here. A place where people look after each other, respect each other, help each other.

I believe Oberlin has the ability to build such a place. The Green Acres land would be ideal, close to shopping, bike trail, walking, I would love to have such a community in Oberlin. Would you?

Sue Schubert