Predictions on REC use

To the editor:

In a year or so, we are all going to wonder what the fuss and the racket was about. We will try to remember why Oberlinians were squawking at one another when the answer to what should be done with the REC money was so obvious. So obvious!

In a year or so, after 60, or 80, or more Oberlin property-owners already have had hundreds, even thousands of dollars of building-improvement, energy efficiency work completed and paid for with REC money, and who have already seen their utility bills decline, and with hundreds more building owners — owner-occupied, rental, church and institutional, industrial, and commercial buildings — signed up to have hundreds, even thousands of REC money dollars spent on their buildings, we will wonder how anyone could have argued that a $7.41 deduction from the monthly electric bill was the better deal!

And then, a few years from now, when the energy-efficient, property-improvement, money-saving, emission-reduction project has covered the whole town, and we are basking in the awed congratulations of the state, the nation, the world (and of course, deep in self-congratulation), we will not remember that anyone said a mumbling word in opposition to investing the REC money in Oberlin’s more sustainable, more prosperous, more equitable future. Kumbaya?

David Sonner