An obligation to the poor

To the editor:

The poor, especially those with children, should get immediately all the support they need to live a more decent life. Better efforts should be undertaken to ensure that those who do not deserve this special effort and consideration do not get it; admittedly, some take advantage of the modest help society now provides.

But these misuses of the system should in no way deter the nation’s efforts to invest whatever it takes to give those deserving whatever it may take, for the poor are as much of the foundation of this country’s promise to be greater than ever before as the middle class, the wealthy, or the super rich, perhaps even more.

For the protection of the nation against evildoers either outside or inside America, it makes sense to pay any price, run up the national debt even, to be safe. Only a few things else can be more important than caring for and nurturing the poor to gain the foothold they deserve; we cannot be truly strong until the weakest among us are just as strong as we.

We have no more important investment to make than to invest in the future of those children and families.

Booker C. Peek