Give Johnson a chance

To the editor:

You know, I am not anti-anything when it comes to this presidential election. I am pro Gov. Gary Johnson. Enough with the negativity. Enough with the simple talk, the lack of vision, and the distracting personal attacks. Have we not said for decades that we are tired of politics as usual? Don’t you think it is time for a switcheroo up top?

Let’s take a look at two former two-term governors who already know what it is like to make those tough chief executive decisions. They have a perfect blend of ideas for their platform. I am tired Donald Clinton and Hillary Trump. They are cut from the same cloth and I do not think highly of how they campaign.

Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, is the only former chief executive on the presidential ticket. He will be on the ballot in all 50 states. His team delivers a strong message of fiscal responsibility and combines it with a socially liberal core.

If Johnson is averaging 15 percent in the polls when the first debate rolls around in September, he will be on stage with the old party candidates. It was announced recently that the third podium was ordered. We will have a new, fresh, sane face to consider.

So when you receive that call from the pollsters asking who you would vote for this November, please tell them Gary Johnson. As he has said, “Give us one term. If after four years you decide you don’t like peace, prosperity, and freedom, you can always vote a Trump or Hillary back in.”

Brandon Bobbitt