Bike rules still unclear

To the editor:

There is still no clarification about parking bicycles on the brick pavers. Although the city council discussed this issue at the last meeting, it was purposely left vague, which means that it is up to a police officer’s discretion as to whether a bike secured on the brick pavers is worthy of a ticket/confiscation or not. I note that currently brick pavers contain light poles, signposts, planters, trees, chairs, tables, benches, trash bins, and recycling bins. It is hard to think of the brick pavers as part of sidewalks that must be kept clear for pedestrians. Would it have been so difficult to add to the ordinance that securing bikes on the brick pavers is allowed as long as they don’t block access between the sidewalk and the street? By the way, is a bike locked to itself considered secured or just parked?

There was clarification about a different matter. Now as long as a bicycle is not locked, it will be OK to leave it anywhere downtown provided it isn’t blocking something. So only if you want to keep your bike from being stolen do you have to use a bike rack or take a chance on the brick pavers.

Finally, please stop repeating the assertion that there are 45 bike rack sites when the truth is that there are only 14 rack locations along the streets themselves (and three of them accommodate only one bike). The larger number includes racks off streets, behind buildings, and on college or private property.

Kevin Weidenbaum