Abortion still deciding issue

To the editor:

Although I agree with the Democratic platform on several points, I cannot vote for the Democratic candidates because of the platform’s insistence on abortion “rights.”

Over one million abortions are performed year after year in the United States, not to mention millions more in other nations which might look to the United States for example. The American losses alone are of citizens who are entitled to live their lives and to contribute to their society. They are Americans who are deprived of their Declaration- and creator-entitled rights to “life… and the pursuit of happiness.”

We will need these persons’ contributions to families, medicine, education, care of the elderly, Social Security, and national defense. The human family needs everyone. Roe v. Wade was decided with a rationale that all American women need equal “access.” Now, though, ironically, a disproportionate number of black women are given abortions. Whereas black women are only 13 percent of America’s female population aged 15 through 44, a full 36 percent of abortions are perpetrated on black women. As a result, a discriminatory percentage of victims of abortion are black children.

This is genocide. For the sake of all of America’s children, the Democratic party must rescind the heinous abortion platform plank.

Gregory Voss