Two-night minimum is unwelcome change

To the editor:

I have participated in the Red Flannel Metric Century bicycle ride for the past two years and I really enjoyed the event and the overall experience. As I had been traveling from Pittsburgh, I stayed in the Oberlin Inn in the past, and even though the nightly cost was a bit on the high side, especially given the overall condition of the facilities at the time, the Inn is very convenient and close to dining venues and the ride start/finish.

Fast forward to last week, when I went to book a room at the Oberlin Inn in advance of the ride, I was informed that there was now a two-night minimum for that particular weekend, which would raise the cost to $400 plus tax. Well, that certainly puts a damper on the weekend, as not only do I not need to stay in Oberlin for two nights, the price is now beyond what I believe to be reasonable for most people.

I am sure that other riders and visitors who are coming from out of town feel the same, and I find this practice to be in total conflict with Oberlin College’s investment in the facility and in the Green Arts District. I understood that the overall goal of the Green Arts District is to promote visitors to the town of Oberlin in order to help support and sustain the town’s merchants. Requiring the two-night minimum is certainly not a step in the right direction.

R.W. Saunders