Who are the Kochs?

To the editor:

Fred Koch Sr., chemical engineer and very able young man, helped both Germany and Russia in the 1930s to develop and expand their oil refineries. Both countries used the fuel produced in the Second World War. Fred was neither Nazi nor communist. The bottom line for Fred was money and for his efforts, Fred Koch was paid millions, a huge amount for the 30s. Fred used the money to develop his own oil business and founded Koch Industries. Being very conservative, Fred Sr. was one of the founders of the John Birch Society, an extremist conservative group. Among the goals of the society were the reduction of the federal government and the elimination of income tax.

Fred Sr. and wife Mary had four sons: Fred, Charles, and twins David and William. Only Charles and David are involved in running Koch Industries with Charles as the strong leader. Koch Industries today are worth more than $80 billion, a portion of which they spread through the country to PACs, lobbyists, conservative think tanks, tea parties, and especially political candidates. The Kochs contribute large amounts of money to PACs which redistribute the money to other PACs and groups until money reaches political candidates in legally described amounts. The candidates receiving the money know the source and act accordingly to the dictates of the source.

Freedom from government, attack of the IRS, denying climate change, and denigrating the EPA are actions of a Koch minion. Could 4th District U.S. House Rep. Jim Jordan be one of these?

Virginia Erdy