Reinstate the Oberlin Youth Council

To the editor:

As a native Oberlinian and a former member of the Oberlin Youth Council, I would like to voice my opinion strongly in favor of reinstating the Oberlin Youth Council.

Currently as a senior network operations technician for Eurovision Americas Inc. and with other positions I’ve held in my broadcast television career, I look back on my time spent in the Oberlin Youth Council and see how the experiences helped shape my perspective and readiness.

Being part of the OYC, I had to learn how to work together with a team to achieve specific goals and complete projects. This included things like how to properly set an agenda for the team meetings, how to formulate efficient steps to meet the goal deadlines, and learn to delegate/perform specific duties based on your role for each proposed project.

During the council meetings, OYC also taught me how to effectively communicate with other members of the council. I also learned the skills of creating a mission statement, understanding how to propose, support, and debate motions or table them for further discussion.

The few experiences mentioned above definitely helped prepare me for many things thus far in my career. It was also fun to be a member of OYC and work on many projects and see them through with friends and classmates, many of which I’m still in touch with today.

Lee Grigsby