Addiction levy needs your support

To the editor:

I strongly urge my fellow Lorain County citizens to vote yes for Issue 35 on the ballot this November.

This five-year, 1.2-mill levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home approximately $42 per year (or less than 12 cents per day). A vote of yes for Issue 35 will:

• Provide additional treatment and recovery support, which will result in less wait time for treatment of alcoholism and addiction.

• Help families by providing education and support in dealing with their loved one’s addiction as well as their own pain and suffering.

• Ensure that our youth are impacted by school-based outreach, prevent, and early intervention.

• Strengthen our local communities by reducing drug-related crime.

Please join me in voting yes for Issue 35. Addiction and alcoholism are family illnesses and are deadly to our communities. We must act together to address this serious health issue and prevent our younger citizens from moving into the horrific lifestyle of addiction.

Steven M. Herron

Vermilion City Council President