This is our chance for greatness

To the editor:

The African American Museum in Washington, D.C., houses compelling evidence that we have come an incredibly long way as a people and a nation toward the doorway of greatness. The magnificent, more than $500 million edifice is a gift and an investment from the poor and wealthy, weak and powerful, all races and genders.

From the earliest moments of our country’s history, we attacked Native Americans, we enslaved blacks, and the stark undeniable accounts of injustice, discrimination, and indignities inflicted upon Hispanics and others are endless; some continue even to today. A mere 150-plus years ago, the Civil War, one of the bloodiest wars in our history, was fought to keep America united.

We have the opportunity this Tuesday, Nov. 8 to get far beyond the doorstep of greatness. We can choose a pathway to an America longing to be more just, more welcoming, and more caring. No matter the outcome, there is no irreparably bad choice if we accept the outcome, knowing that if we remain united, we’ll get another chance in a few years to make America greater than ever before. But we should do it now.

Booker C. Peek