10 reasons to be thankful

To the editor:

With the 2016 elections over, this Thanksgiving most Americans should be thankful for at least 10 reasons:

1. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, along with several others, were willing to work tirelessly to be our president.

2. In losing, Clinton was gracious and Trump acknowledged her amazing candidacy.

3. President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump had a good face-to-face meeting.

4. Trump shows signs of being more thoughtful, cautious, and balanced.

5. Obama and Trump support all peaceful demonstrations.

6. Trump wants to retain the best features of Obamacare.

7. Trump looked into the camera and told his supporters to “stop it,” referring to recent attacks or criticisms, and he should say a lot more to half a nation so concerned about his presidency.

8. President-elect Trump is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, not an ideologue.

9. America’s core values remain unchanged.

10. Our gratitude to our military and first responders could not be greater, though we must support them far better.

Booker C. Peek