Trump could be transformational

To the editor:

President-elect Trump was an unstoppable juggernaut, though Hillary Clinton got almost two million more votes than he. Trump will be in two months our next president. His presidency could be transformational, not only because he may get another four years but also because he may convince us to amend the Constitution so that he may serve a third term.

We who gave Clinton far more votes than Trump’s followers gave him must now seize this opportunity, one that brought so much shock and pain to us, to help him achieve all that we had surely hoped for and imagined for both President Barack Obama and Hillary combined.

Trump himself boasted repeatedly that he had a base so loyal to him that he could shoot someone dead in cold blood on 5th Avenue and it would still support him for president. Trump went on to say and do things almost as shocking, with his base deliriously cheering in support, including the KKK, David Duke, etc.

Because Trump likes being in the spotlight and in the daily headlines, he can achieve that for himself not just for this time but for the next 75 or 150 years and more, arriving at a level of respect, admiration, near veneration accorded to Presidents Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson by being transformational, thinking and acting as president far outside the box, which is what he did during the campaign.

We all know the solution for a Trump dynasty. He has his base. He just needs to work to get the majority of Americans who voted against him on his side. He can do that if he succeeds in working well with the Democratic Leadership in the Senate and the House. We should not be too eager to bet against Trump making a serious effort to succeed, if only because he does want to be transformational. What great Thanksgiving Days may be ahead for us all.

Booker C. Peek