Commissioners should resign

To the editor:

I am surprised that the Lorain County commissioners have decided to increase the sales tax weeks after the voters rejected the tax by a 74 to 26 percent margin.

By claiming that county government is “just devastated” without the increase and not explaining that to the voters’ satisfaction, commissioners display incompetence, especially since they knew they had the power (I assume) to raise the tax without a referendum. But now in flagrantly overriding the clearly expressed will of the people they commit a dangerous malfeasance: They bring the electoral process itself into disrepute. We who elect commissioners by margins like 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent (in the case of Lori Kokoski) do not expect them to overthrow our 74 to 26 vote.

I am not opposed to the sales tax increase. But the commissioners who voted for this override of the voters’ clearly expressed wishes should resign and stand for re-election, explaining their conduct to the electorate. Given good arguments, I and many others will surely vote for them. If they don’t resign, then each and every one of them should know that because of their flagrant disregard for the democratic process, I will never vote for them again.

Rhys Price Jones