Too many negatives to allow NEXUS

To the editor:

Do we understand what the NEXUS pipeline means to us? Did you know Spectra Energy is being bought by the Canadian company Enbridge Energy Partners? Do you know Enbridge’s safety record? Do you know how the spills have been handled and how the Environmental Protection Agency assisted the company? Quietly, the company paid a fine and walked away. Why isn’t our media screaming to inform us?

Our rivers feed Lake Erie and NEXUS plans a pipeline to cross a number of these feeders. Aquafers will be affected – including water feeding into drinking water wells. The NEXUS pipeline is not to supply Ohioans with gas. It’s for transport to Canada. The pipeline company tells citizens the easements are “already there” so it’s “not a big deal,” but as citizens become educated we are learning it is a very big deal.

Once a pipeline is built, gas, oil, or tar-sands can be transported either way through these pipelines.

Are you willing to allow multiple pipelines to cross our state’s water supply by a company with the worst track record for safety? Pipelines that cross earthquake faults and karst formations? Don’t allow others to make decisions for you based on corporate greed. Take a stand.

Lisa Kavanaugh