Remembering a penny’s value

To the editor:

In regard to your editorial in the Enterprise Dec. 22 regarding the value of a penny, I enjoyed the article because it brought back memories I had at the age of five or six years old. We lived in Smithville, Tenn. I was the youngest of nine children. Money was very scarce and every penny counted.

One day, my mother sent me to the little grocery store to get a can of kerosene and I had too walk in a path around the barn to the store. She gave me a quarter to purchase the kerosene and I received some change back. On the way across the path heading back home, I lost a penny. My mother went looking for that penny and she didn’t give up until she found it.

The moral of my story is that every time I see a penny, no matter where it is, I always pick it up because it reminds me of my mother and how much a penny meant back then.

Betty Babapulle