Quit stomping and whining over Trump

To the editor:

A few weeks ago, columnist Rob Swindell joined the liberal media whining party to do his best to make those who support Donald Trump feel guilty for voting for real change, finally. Give it up, Swindell. Are you holding your breath and stomping your feet until you get your way?

Our incoming president is Donald Trump and we can finally feel positive about having a president with a backbone. Swindell insists that several women who conveniently chose to accuse Trump of inproprieties just before the election should have swayed our vote toward the wife of an ex-president who did far more worse (since your column mentioned extramarital affairs) and she, herself, broke the law many times over. If we truly would have been influenced by such nonsense we would have been playing into the hands of the president who poorly served the past eight years while making our country look foolish and weak, not to mention spend our country into financial debt we may never get out of.

Here’s another scenario you didn’t mention: Donald Trump serves the next four years and does make America great again. In the meantime, we “deplorables” will think positive and watch our country regain its high standards and strength.

Nate Baker