Leave the hyphen out of it

To the editor:

On my mind on the subject of differences and diversity: Hyphenating one’s nationality seems to promote separation (i.e. African-American). If unity is truly desired, drop the hyphenation. African-American seems to be one nationality (or ethnicity) that consistently uses this reference to their difference. The only other times I see the hyphenation is in regard to “cultural” events, such as festivals.

It is right to remember and educate all regarding the historical and cultural facts of various nationalities, but I believe that it would be more unifying if persons of all nationalities, that are citizens of this country, would refer to themselves as “American” (or U.S. American)! And more unifying to instill in all a love and loyalty for our country. It seems that many consider it “embarrassing” to show pride in our nation (yes, I know there are things about our country that need fixing but this is still the greatest nation in the world).

Instilling that pride, love, and loyalty for our country must begin in the home, with Mom and Dad exemplifying those attributes by their actions, and should continue throughout a child’s school years. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, saluting the flag, honoring veterans (and all elders), voting, speaking out against wrongs, and treating all equally and with respect, are all expressions of these attributes.

We can, we must, cultivate the spirit of unity in our youth and in many adults to remain the greatest, however it is the obligation of each individual to undertake the actions that will bring this about!

Joanne Farr