Preserve busing for all Oberlin’s children

To the editor:

As a mother whose children attend Lake Ridge Academy and Oberlin City Schools, they benefit from busing that provides safe travel to and from school. Like all Oberlin residents, my household contributes to the city’s tax base that funds our valued school system. And like countless others in Oberlin, we contribute time and energy to our schools and community life through sports and the arts because we believe the best investment we can make in our community is educating our youth and ensuring they develop as valued community members.

We are fortunate that superintendent David Hall and the board of education are excellent stewards of the funds we entrust to them to transport, educate, and guide young people in our community. In a moment in which our nation is sadly divided and often fails to listen respectfully to our differences, I call on our school leadership to be a model of unity that respects differences and to continue to work with parents committed to finding equitable solutions to preserve busing for all of our children.

Our community consistently demonstrates its commitment to investing in our children’s education by supporting levies that ensure our district’s strong financial standing. Together we can find solutions to preserve busing for all our children and comply with the law that requires us to do so. By working together, we can find solutions that strengthen our community by respecting people’s different choices and affirming our values that understand difference as a source of strength rather than weakness.

Gina Perez